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Locked Keys in the car? Here are some DIY tips

Have you found yourself in a frenzy to arrive at a destination or a meeting? You manage to maneuver your way through traffic, and then finally you arrive at your destination. Still, in a hurry, with your hands full, you dash out of the car and shut the doors after you. Then you suddenly realize you have locked your keys in your car. What does this mean? You cannot gain access to your car. There’s nothing as frustrating as this but here are some DIY tips you can try: –


Shoestring Method

This DIY method works excellently if the door opening mechanism in question is one in which you pull up. It only takes about 2-3 minutes to do this. All that is required is your shoelace. Tie a small but adjustable loop in the middle of your shoelace then work it into the door. Begin from the door tip at the corner where it opens and push the string in gradually so that the loop gets into the car, while you hold the ends on the outside.

Pull the loop when it reaches the lock, to make it tight around it. Pull up the string alongside the lock when it is taut. Next, open your door to get your keys out conveniently. Video



The Inflatable Method

If your car is a modern make/model with no door opener that you can pull up, you may have a tiny switch that needs to move to get the car open. In this case, it is best to make do with an inflatable door opener. A blood pressure apparatus is an excellent inflatable object that can be used. With your fingers at the tip that is close to the top of your car, pull it until you create a gap of ¼ inch in width.

Slide your blood pressure apparatus into this 1/4 inch gap and inflate it. The gap between the doors will widen the more you inflate it. When the gap becomes about ½ an inch wide, flip the door opening switch with an untwisted wire coat hanger to get your car door open.


The Coat Hanger Method

This is an effective method of getting into your locked car in minutes which has been proven time and time again. For this method, you’ll need a wire hanger. Untwist the hanger so that you have a long wire, on one end and a hook on the other end, which will go into weather stripping for the car’s window. Feel your way around by twitching it after you put it in place till you find the mechanism that locks the car doors. Once you do, just pull it up to get the door open. Video


The Trunk Method

You may still have access to your trunk despite the fact that your keys are locked inside your car. In this case, the trunk could serve as a door through which you can gain access to the other parts of the car. Search the back of your trunk for the emergency cord which is usually at the top of the trunk, near the door. Pull at this emergency chord to make the back passenger seats fall forward, which will, in turn, enable you to see into the cabin of the car clearly. Once this step has been completed, crawl into your car, stretching yourself till you’re able to reach your key. Pick up your keys and crawl back out to open the door with the key.

If your keys get locked up in a car, don’t sweat it. Make use of the DIY methods outlined above to get your keys out and regain access to your car. However, if you’re not sure of your ability to do them, call a professional locksmith to prevent causing any damage to your car.

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