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Locked Keys in the car? Here are some DIY tips

Have you found yourself in a frenzy to arrive at a destination or a meeting? You manage to maneuver your way through traffic, and then finally you arrive at your destination. Still, in a hurry, with your hands full, you dash out of the car and shut the doors after you. Then you suddenly realize you have locked your keys in your car. What does this mean? You cannot gain access to your car. There’s nothing as frustrating as this but here are some DIY tips you can try: – Read more

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Rekey VS Lock Change

Rekeying vs Lock Change

If you’ve ever lost your apartment keys or had to fire an employee or moved into a new place, you have probably been in a position where you considered getting your locks changed. Most people are unaware that instead of changing their locks, re-keying could be a better and sometimes cheaper solution. Read more